The measuring system with variable structure for measurements of road traffic parameters.

The Traffic-1 is designed for a wide range of customers with different expectations of measured traffic parameters. The structure of the system is open, and it consists of a central unit and a removable module of the signal conditioning sensors. Modification of the structure and function of the system is reduced to installation of the correct type of module in the system chassis and connection with sensors. The system detects the configuration and starts the corresponding parameters estimation algorithm. Therea are  nine plug-in modules available, which means that the Traffic-1 can act as nine different systems operating with different types and number of sensors.

Following configurations of sensors are possible:

  • Single inductive loop,
  • A system of two induction loops,
  • A system of two induction loops and axles detector,
  • A system of two induction loops and a polymeric pressure sensor,
  • A system of two induction loops and a quartz pressure sensor,
  • A system of three induction loops,
  • Single inductive loop and two axles detectors,
  • Single inductive loop and two polymeric pressure sensors,
  • Single inductive loop and two quartz pressure sensors.


Depending on the configuration, the system allows the measurement of the following vehicle characteristics:

  • T – time of appearance of the vehicle in the area of measurement,
  • V – vehicle speed,
  • L – length of the vehicle,
  • Naxle – number of axles,
  • Laxle – the distance between the axes,
  • Trailer – presence of a trailer,
  • Axle load – pressures of individual axes,
  • Total mass – Total vehicle mass,
  • Cl. magnet – Class of the vehicle based on its magnetic profile,
  • Cl. ALT – vehicle class on the basis of the number and distance between axles (there are two different classification schemes for example. diagram FHWA F or ALT ),

The system also allows to determine the following characteristics of the road traffic:

  • k – traffic density,
  • q – traffic flows,
  • r -lane occupancy,
  • Vmean – average speed,
  • Dt – time distances between vehicles.

Detailed information on the system Trafic-1 can be found on the website and in the magazine “Drogownictwo” 09/2011.


Contakt: dr hab. inż Ryszard Sroka