Microelectronics group of Department of Measurement and Instrumentation

The microelectronics group in the AGH-UST Department of Measurement and Instrumentation led by prof. P. Grybos exists since 2007 and tapes out several ASIC designs each year. Two senior group members (P. Grybos; and R. Szczygiel) have ASIC design experience of more than 15 years. Many ASICs designed by them found applications in modern scientific experiments (LHC CERN, INFN Italy, neurobiology labs in USA) or industry applications (Europe, Japan). The research activities of the group focus mainly on the development of multichannel readout ASICs for neurobiology, X-ray imaging and high energy physics applications and in the last two years also in RF designs.

In 2008 our group has joined Cadence Academic Network.



Information on our Bachelor and M.Sc. programme: Microelectronics in Industry and Medicine can be found on a programme webpage and on facebook MTMAGH (only in polish).

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